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What is Patch the Pirate Club?

Patch the Pirate Club is a dynamic children’s choir program, based on the the Word of God and godly character-building music. The program has been used successfully in churches, schools, and home schools since 1984. Patch Club provides opportunities for elementary-aged children, grades 1 - 6, to grow spiritually while developing musically. The nine-month curriculum is designed to run parallel to the children’s school year. The Patch Club curriculum is detailed, yet easy to implement, and includes Bible Impact lessons, sailor devotions, Scripture memory, Bible activities, music lessons, godly character stories, missionary stories, and songs that teach godly-character truths. The Patch sailors are encouraged to sing once a month in an adult church service—thus training them to serve in their local church.

Click here to download the 2016/2017 Club Brochure

What is PeeWee Club?

The PeeWee Club has been developed for children ages 4-5 (6) with simplified songs, verses, stories, and activities. The Captain’s Log curriculum contains 35 lessons, including reproducible monthly song and verse visuals. A separate packet of beautifully illustrated, age-appropriate, weekly character stories accompanies the curriculum. The PeeWee Sailor Log is filled with art projects and activities to reinforce the lesson each week. Each of the three volumes of the PeeWee Club comes complete with Captain’s and Sailor’s Logs, Character Stories, Sound Trax CDs, and Learn-at-Home CDs.

Who uses Patch the Pirate Club?

  • Churches–Wednesday night, Sunday morning Junior Church
  • Homeschoolers – Individuals and Co-ops
  • Schools

What is the target age group of Patch Club?

Patch Club targets grades one through six. PeeWee Club targets kindergarten, ages 4 and 5. Some clubs include first grade in the PeeWee Club, and some Patch Clubs use sixth graders as helpers.

Do we need a musician to run the Club?

No. Many captains simply use the Patch TraxCD and everyone sings along. The Patch Trax CD includes demo vocals and stero accompaniment trax for the nine godly-character songs, the hymn, and the Christmas performance song. All you need to run a Patch Club program is someone who loves children and is willing to dedicate time to make a difference in their spiritual future. The Learn-at-Home CD (included in issue 1 of every Sailor's Log) helps your clubbers learn the songs in a snap!

What is the length of the Club Year?

Patch Club is a 9-month program designed to run parallel to the school-year calendar.

What are the benefits of Patch Club?

  • Children learn godly character through music, Scripture memory, Bible lessons, daily devotions, and stories.
  • Children gain a love for singing, and club performances prepare clubbers for future service as members of the church choir.
  • Children learn to be faithful in having their devotions.

How much Scripture Memory is included?

Children quote a Scripture memory passage along with Patch over the course of the club year. There is also a memory verse each month and a make-up memory verse each month that can take the place of an absence. Patch Club 2015 will have a supplementary Scripture song book and CD that includes a song for one of the memory verses each month.

What does a typical hour of a Patch Club meeting look like?

  • Sailors arrive (Pre-meeting time)
    • Check in
      • Distribute name badges/hats/uniform
    • Daily devotions signed off
    • Sailors quote makeup memory verse to a club captain if needed
  • Opening Exercises (10 minutes)
    • Captain's Greeting
    • Sailor salute
    • Patch Club theme verse
    • Sing Patch Club Song
    • Recitation of Scripture Memory Passage
      • Use Free Resource Scripture Passage Memory helps
    • Prayer
  • Song Rehearsal (10 - 15 minutes)
    • Monthly Bible Character Song
    • (Christmas Song)
    • Use Free Resource Lyric PPT
    • Children's Yearly Hymn
  • Music Activity Page (Sailor Log) (5 minutes)
  • Optional Games and Activities (10+ minutes - time permitting)
  • Read Willow Valley Book Chapter (10 minutes)
    • Use Willow Valley Illustration packet cover/map/chapter picture on a screen
  • Bible Activity Page (Sailor Log) (5-10 minutes)
  • Sword Drill
  • Adventure Time (5 minutes)
    • Listen to Patch Adventure segment
    • Sailors color the Adventure segment illustration (Sailor Log)
  • Bible Impact (10 minutes)
  • Scripture Memory Song (3 minutes)
  • Distribute Awards
    • Weekly Super Sailor Award (Certificate and/or Pin)
    • Monthly Pin Awards
  • Club Meeting Dismissal
    • Optional: play Learn-at-Home CD during dismissal

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Navigator Newsletter


Captain’s Log (Sample - Week 1) includes nine months of:

  • Club meeting plans
  • Choir rehearsal plans
  • Bible Impact Lessons/li>
  • Bible Activities
  • Sheet music for the Children’s Choir Songs
  • Rehearsal Plans
  • Speaking Parts for Performances
  • Music Lessons
  • Vocal Instructions
  • Games
  • Incentives

Because the songs in the Captain’s Log include the piano accompaniment, you should order Captain’s Logs for both the pianist and choir director.

Patch Trax CD includes all the stereo trax and demo vocals for the club year (excluding the Scripture Memory Songs).

This CD is essential for the club without a piano accompanist. Use this recording for performance and/or rehearsal.


Sailor’s Log (Sample - Week 1) includes three months of:

  • My Quiet Time Devotions
  • Scripture Memory
  • Song Melodies with Lyrics
  • Speaking Parts for Performances
  • Music Lessons
  • Bible Activities
  • Coloring Pages

Each sailor needs his own copy of this book and should have his name printed on the outside cover for easy identification.

The Learn-at-Home CD is included in the inside back cover of each Sailor Log, Issue One. This CD has all of the club songs for the year (excluding the Scripture Memory Songs).

Willow Valley Kids Book: The Hildebrandt Heist - by Jean Pennington – an exciting weekly story series, 36 chapters in all—one chapter per club meeting.


Patch Club Navigator – a monthly newsletter designed for the sailors to reinforce and support the monthly godly character quality. This newsletter spotlights an animal that exhibits the monthly character quality and includes jokes, recipes, family fun activities, and coloring pages. This newsletter will be sent via email to club leaders to download and print for their sailors. Make sure we have your club leader email address!

The Hildebrandt Heist Illustration CD-ROM – Black and White line-art illustrations to go along with the Willow Valley Kids Story for the year, one per week.

Club Leader Bag – sturdy and handsome, with front and side pockets, designed to carry your club materials.

Sailor Name Button – given at club check-in, this super cool erasable circular name button, pinned onto a sailor shirt, makes each one in attendance feel special.


The sailor’s basic uniform consists of:

  • White shirt or blouse
  • Navy pants or skirt
  • PPC sailor hat and sash

The classic PPC short-sleeve polo shirts come in a variety of sizes and are available for captains and sailors. Red sashes can be tied around the waist in a sailor’s knot on the right side. Both can be ordered here.

If you wish to make your own sashes, pattern and instructions can be downloaded at


Award Pins – given to each sailor who has perfect attendance for the month and has completed themonthly PPC Quiet Time Devotions. If a child misses one club meeting, he may make it up by reciting the make-up memory verse to a club worker. If more than one meeting is missed, the captain may select other verses for the child to memorize and recite.

Yearly Faithful Servant Award – given to each sailor who has perfect attendance for the year and has completed an entire year of PPC Quiet Time Devotions. The sailor must have earned all nine Award Pins during the year to be eligible for this award.

Super Sailor of the Year Award – This large medallion hung on a neck ribbon is awarded to one girl and one boy at the end of the year. These two sailors are chosen for their consistent testimony, diligence, and godly spirit.

Certificates – Multiple certificates are available to be given along with the awards above. A place for the child’s name is provided on each certificate.


Silver Bit Coins and Gold Doubloon Coins – These small pirate coins are excellent motivational awards for use through the club year. Free alternatives to the Bits and Doubloons are the Silver and Gold Patch Bucks. Any of these rewards may be used for:

  • Weekly devotions completed
  • Reciting of monthly memory verse
  • Sailor ministry assignment (Captain’s choice)
  • Listening to Learn-at-Home CD
  • Super Sailor of the week
  • Memorizing of performance speaking part
  • Music solo for performance
  • Reciting of quarterly Scripture memory passage
  • Bringing a visitor to club or church
  • Sharing the gospel with a friend
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