Sailors Log Vol 6 Issue 1 (Digital Download)

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Patch Club Sailor's Log Volume 6 Issue 1 (Digital Download)


The Sailor's Log includes each unit song with melody lines and lyrics, memory verses, daily devotions, music lessons, godly character activity pages, and adventure coloring/ visual illustrations to coincide with the Patch Club yearly theme. You would need one Sailor Log per child.

The character-building songs of Patch the Pirate® are interwoven with a monthly Bible theme that is reinforced through devotional lessons, motivational games, music activities, and intriguing stories. Monthly performances - including a song, speaking parts, and a verse - create a positive response from the church family. Each facet of Patch the Pirate® Club has been tested and refined to create a balanced and vital outreach. Children and parents enjoy this unique program of positive, rewarding experiences.

New for 2020: The Learn-at- Home CD is so beneficial to club, it is now included as a free digital download. Instructions for downloading are in the back of the Sailor Log, Issue One! The Learn-at-Home album includes the Patch Club Song, the Sailor Salute, Club verse, all 9 monthly songs, the traditional hymn for the year, the Patch theme song for the year, the Christmas song, and the Scripture memory passage read by Patch. If clubbers are encouraged to listen to this album at home and in the car, your rehearsal time in Patch Club will be cut in half!

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