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A new hymn written by Adam Morgan that focuses on the source of true joy, salvation from sin through Christ Jesus.
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O the joy of souls forgiven saved from death and hell and loss

for they know what they've been given and the depth of sins now washed.

Sin will soil my soul no longer mercy covers guilty men.

For the Savior's blood is stronger blood so pure He shed for them.

There's no foe, no sin, nor sadness that can take this joy away

Even death can't end my gladness Jesus is my hope and stay.

My delight is my Deliverer. O what words can tell my joy?

He's my strength and my Redeemer- my rejoicing evermore!

Now by grace through faith we see Him as we run to arms unfurled

crying praise with joy exceeding, "Christ has overcome the world!"


The joy that sends my spirit soaring is that God has died for me

and I can shout with throngs adoring "Holy, mighty, great is He!"

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