Goodwill to Men - Music/Christmas Drama (Digital Download)

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This first-rate Christmas musical drama is set in a second-hand store. The beautiful yet powerful blend of new melodies with traditional Christmas carols makes the simple staging come alive with meaning. The drama requires only a handful of actors, but the impact of the story will be great and long lasting. The message has an appeal to both the believer and the unsaved, with a clear call to action on the part of both. The songs are all that you have come to expect from the Hamiltons, and they will be an inspiration to your choir as well as the congregation.

Songs include: Let All Mortal Flesh • Welcome, Jesus-Processional • All Is Well • Let the Joy Begin • Christmas at Our House (Children's Choir) • Then Love Came Down • Hurry, Hurry (Children's Choir) • Only Jesus • Bow the Knee • Then Love Came Down-Reprise • Bow the Knee-Invitation Song • Glory to the Newborn King-Finale.

Director's demonstration includes music (choir/orchestra) and drama.

Cast of Characters:

Schyler: 32 yrs. old, the Goodwill store manager in a small Southern town

Willa: 62 yrs. old, sturdy, Southern country woman

Sarah: 92 yrs. old, a frail wisp of a woman

Ben: 44 yrs. old, a large, bulky, jobless man

Officer: 25 yrs. old, a local policeman

Total performance time: 67:23

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