The Centurion - Choral Book (with Easter script) - Printable Download

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Told from the perspective of Justus, a Roman Centurion responsible for Christ’s crucifixion, The Centurion combines dramatic readings and compelling original musical selections to portray the struggle in Justus’ heart as he journeys from doubt to faith. As the light of God’s grace opens his eyes, Justus willingly trades his soldier’s helmet for the victor’s crown. The Centurion is specifically arranged for a full-length service. With a strong salvation message, the program offers an excellent way to reach your community with the Gospel. Songs included: Jesus Christ Is Risen • Jesus Lives Today • On the Cross • Before I Loved Him • A Heart of Stone • What Will You Do With Jesus? • and more!

Cast of Characters:

Scene I                         Scene II

Narrator                        Narrator

Julius I                          Paul

Justus                           Alissa

Helena                          Justus

Pilate                            Julius II

Marcellus                      Petronius

Saul                             Nero

Caiaphas                      Lucan



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