Psallontes: In the Light of His Grace - Volume 2 - Printable Download

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Selections Include: Only Trust Him • Hiding in Thee • Lord, I Need You • Love Divine • Always the Same • Blessed Be the Name/Worthy of Praise • Worship the Lord

Printable sheet music for violin and viola with piano accompaniment: Within the Psallontes String Collection, violin parts are interchangeable with flute and oboe. For example, a violin duet could also be a duet for flute and oboe, violin and flute, or any other combination of these instruments. The same principle applies to the violin solos and trios. Some of the songs in the collection are given more than one version—providing a variety of possibilities for your church or school music program. Most of the songs are arranged in such a way that they may be played as an instrumental solo by playing the violin 1 part along with the piano accompaniment. 1 Corinthians 14:15—“I will sing with the spirit, and I will sing with the understanding also.” In this passage, the Greek work for “sing” is “psallontes,” which comes from the root word “psallo.” This term imples the use of instruments and means “to make melody.” The Hebrew equivalent to “psallo” is “zamar”—meaning to strike or pluck with the fingers on a stringed instrument. Compiled by Christiane Emory. Professional bowings by Rachelle Whitcomb and Philip Emory.
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