K5 - God Made Kindermusic (CD #1)

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God Made Kindermusic K5 CD #1
God Made Kindermusic compact disc contains 31 songs with a connecting story line between songs. Gerald Giraffe, Sally Squirrel and Mr. Zookeeper narrate the story. Songs are correlated with the workbook activities and include: Good Morning To You, The Bus, Climbing A Tree, Bright Colored Rainbow, Hoot And Toot, I Love Little Kitty, Where Has my Dog Gone, A Turtle, We Are Fine Musicians, A Frog Went Walking, Three Pirates, Away In A Manger, O Come Little Children, The Robin, The Hunter, Little Rabbit In The Woods, Mail Man, Pet Shop, Bubble Gum, This Old Man, Mr. Rabbit, Little Ducklings, Eency Weency Spider, Lady Bug, Taxis, Animal Fair, Merry Go Round, Popcorn Man, Piggy Bank, Miss Polly Had A Dolly, Bedtime.
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