Images of His Majesty - DVD

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Favorite Majesty songs, lyrics, and beautiful scenes from Florida.
Dramatic scenes and natural sounds are blended with contemplative, Christ-honoring melodies of Majesty Music. Enjoy keyboard artistry and the exquisite Majesty Strings as Scripture passages are displayed in scenes portraying the beauty and magnificence of God's creation.

Songs come from some of our favorite sacred recordings produced by Majesty Music:
Intro (Open): Rejoice in the Lord (Majesty Strings 1)
Song #1: Rejoice in the Lord (Hymn Reflections)
Song #2: Come With Me (Majesty Strings 1)
Song #3: Bow the Knee (Majesty Masterpieces)
Song #4: Lord, I Need You (Hymn Reflections)
Song #5: Still Waters (Concerto of Praise)
Song #6: Amazing Grace with Only by His Grace (Majesty Masterpieces)
Song #7: My Shepherd Will Supply My Need (Majesty Masterpieces)
Song #8: I'm Goin' Home (Jesus, I Come)
Song #9: Patch Children's Medley (Springs of Living Water)
End Credits: The Heavens Declare (Victorious Strings)
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