Limerick the Leprechaun - Choral Book

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Theme: The Good Shepherd

That shady "leprechaun", Limerick, is emerald with envy. Not content with being small potatoes, he wants to make Ian O’ Connor’s sheep farm, the Pearl of Killarney, his pot of gold. If Limerick can persuade Ian’s faithful sheepdog Blarney to join him, his plot to steal Polly Esther, Woolworth, and the other sheep will be all sewn up! The wail of the bansheep make things look pretty dark ahead, but when Captain Patch and his crew arrive, a rainbow is sure to appear soon. The truths of the Good Shepherd prove to be the undoing of this unlucky leprechaun.

Songs include: The Lord's My Shepherd •  Whiners •  Me, Me, Me •  Don't Be Sheepish •  Irish Potatoes •  Bow the Knee • Ninety and Nine •  Walkin' Through the Fire •  Sign Me Up •  Blarney •  Hear My Cry • Shine God's Word •  I Just Wanna Be a Sheep

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