Patch ClubHouse

By Christiane Emory and Tara Solomon Hamilton

Patch Club has gone VIRTUAL, and it’s called Patch ClubHouse!

  • Sissy SeaGull, Ferlin Frog, Rat, and other original-voice characters join Princess Pirate and Cleo.
  • Music lessons meet 1st through 6th grade state standards for music education that are compatible with over 50 Departments of Education. They are centered around monthly godly character themes and songs. Sailors learn to read music with these songs, how to match pitches, and how to sing with proper vocal techniques.

The weekly ClubHouse videos average 40 minutes in length and are excellent for:

  • homeschoolers,
  • church children’s clubs,
  • or as after-school Bible and music enrichment lessons for your children at home.

HOMESCHOOLERS - the videos are created for your child to be able to do them on their own with their Sailor’s Log. There is interaction throughout the video for children to sing, play games, and learn together. The curriculum meets your state requirements for music.

PATCH CLUBBERS - Because the videos are developed from each weekly club meeting in the curriculum, they are fitting as a supplement to your Patch Club meeting. If your club is unable to meet physically at this time, they can serve as its entirety. If you are leading a church club, we would advise you to purchase a Captain’s Log for yourself so that you can follow along with each lesson and stay connected with your sailors at home.

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