Simply Garlock - The Cream of the Crop - Frank Garlock Book

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Simply Garlock - The Cream of the Crop - Frank Garlock
Simply Garlock - The Cream of the Crop - Frank Garlock Having composed hundreds of hymns and gospel songs, taught masters classes in theory and composition, and traveled the world speaking about and conducting music, Dr. Frank Garlock unveils the stories behind 57 of his favorite compositions. Not only does he reveal the circumstances around their writing, but digging deeper, he brings to light the compositional techniques employed to make the lyrics come alive! By recognizing his wife of 68 years, Flora Jean Garlock, with equal credit for all compositions, this book presents a rare find--a husband and wife team whose endeavors were so intertwined that no one could separate their work. Sharpen your musical interpretation, gain valuable composition techniques, and make spiritual applications to your soul as you enjoy time with the Garlocks and the cream of their crop. Academically stimulating, even codifying new musical analytic terms like phonomusicology and phonolymnology, and spiritually empowering, you will view this music from a deeper perspective... from deep within the composer's heart!
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