Health update from Ron and Shelly

Thank you to so many of you who remember my husband Ron and me in your prayers. Ron continues to decline with his dementia. I think we are born as caregivers. Our parents take care of us until we are able to take care of ourselves. Some lose their parents early in life and become caregivers to their siblings. Many get married and become caregivers to their children. Then some become caregivers to their spouse and eventually many are caregivers to their parents. Then hopefully when we need it, someone is there to be a caregiver to us.

If you don’t learn to be a cheerful, content caregiver—you are in trouble. God gives us different assignments for which we know He is in control. “The just shall live by faith” has become my life verse.

May God richly bless you and yours and thank you for your support and prayers!

Shelly Hamilton

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