Bring forth fruit, bring forth fruit.
Lord, You created me to bring forth fruit.
You are the Vine. I am Your branch.
Lord, help me abide in You
and bring forth much fruit.

Song by Ron Hamilton in the Calliope Caper Patch Adventure, 1988.

At a music conference in the late 1970s, I was introduced to Majesty Music and the families behind it. Since that time, the ministry has had a major impact on me and my family. At the request of Ron and Shelly Hamilton, I began working with Majesty Music in 2015—one of God’s greatest blessings in my life!

Through many conversations with Ron, Shelly, and Dr. Frank Garlock, I learned how God graciously met the needs through the years. As the ministry began to grow decades ago, God provided a facility in Greenville, South Carolina which continues to serve as our bookstore, warehouse, offices, and production facility. During the early years, Dr. Garlock prayed for a way to travel to churches quickly with his small music team. He felt led to acquire a pilot’s license and then trusted God to work out the details and provide a small airplane.

As the ministry expanded, God provided funds for an RV that enabled Ron and Shelly to travel with their young family. Ron considered this crucial to their ministry. They were able to advance the Gospel in a broader scope as they visited local churches and Christian schools nationwide. God provided through the years by sending team members and financial resources for the development of the Patch the Pirate Adventures, Patch Clubs (godly character-based music curriculum used in all 50 states), the Adventures of Patch the Pirate national radio broadcast, hundreds of recordings, print music projects, videos, Majesty Music Conferences, the Majesty Music Academy, Patch Live performances, and more! Each began with a step of faith and became a tremendous means to spread the Word of Christ in song. Appropriately, Colossians 3:16 has been the theme of Patch Club since its inception nearly 40 years ago. It is amazing to see what the Lord has done in every aspect of this ministry.

God fulfilled Ron’s desire by choosing to use the next generation of the Hamilton family to continue this ministry. His timing was perfect. Through the years, He had blessed Majesty Music with a dedicated staff. Adam and Megan Hamilton Morgan were already on board when the severity of Ron’s health issues became apparent. With God’s help, Adam and Megan transitioned into leadership and God has continued to bless. He makes no mistakes.

We continue to receive requests for the team to come and minister in churches and schools across the country. However, traveling long distances has become a challenge. After praying over the options, we have once again stepped out in faith with the purchase of a low mileage, 34-foot RV to aid us in travel. The owners, long-time friends of the ministry, offered it at an incredible price! This vehicle will enable Shelly, Adam, Megan, and family to travel most effectively—especially Adam and Megan with their children. Obviously, this is a large expense, so we are inviting you to partner with us in this endeavor. We depend primarily on your prayer support. But if God leads and enables you to contribute financially, we would be grateful for that as well. Donations to HOPE FOR THE HOME are tax deductible. We have a donor who has graciously offered to provide a matching gift to HOPE FOR THE HOME for the first $10,000 donated. Thank you in advance for your prayers and any contributions that will help us bring forth fruit.

Sincerely, Tim Morgan | CEO, Majesty Music

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