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Bible Songs for Kids #7 - CD (Bible Truth Music)

In stock
Bible Truth Music

Scripture memory is essential for Christian growth. Bible Truth Music provides an excellent tool to focus on key Scripture themes. 25 song selections: Fear Of And Trust In The Lord: In the Fear of the Lord (Pr. 14:26) • Happy Is He (Pr. 16:20) • Be Thou in the Fear of the Lord (Pr. 23:17) • By the Fear of the Lord (Pr. 16:6) Wisdom: Happy is the Man (Pr. 3:13) • The Wise Receiveth Knowlege (Pr. 21:11) • Whoso Keepeth the Law (Pr. 28:7) Humility And Pride: Pride (Pr. 16:18-19) • Riches, and Honor, and Life (Pr. 21:4;22:4) Avoid Sinners: Enter Not into the Path of the Wicked (Pr. 4:14-15) • Consent Thou Not (Pr. 1:10,15) Speech: A Fool's Mouth (Pr. 18:7) • A Man Hath Joy (Pr. 15:23) • A Well of Life (Pr. 10:11) Correction And Counsel: The Multitude of Counselors (Pr. 11:14) • Hear Counsel (Pr. 19:20-21) • A Man's Heart (Pr. 16:9) Righteousness: Sing and Rejoice (Pr. 29:6) • Life, Righteousness, and Honor (Pr. 21:21) Honesty: A False Witness (Pr. 19:9) • Lying Lips (Pr. 12:22) Anger: Better Than Mighty (Pr. 16:32) • An Angry Man (Pr. 22:24-25) Fools And Scoffers: Cast Out the Scorner (Pr. 22:10) • The Ears of a Fool (Pr. 23:9)

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