Patch Club
Patch Club
Sing Along with Patch the Pirate
Theme: Christian Character (1981)
Singalong is the catalyst of the popular Patch the Pirate adventure series and it was written and recorded in 1981, the year after Ron Hamilton lost his left eye to cancer. The storyline introduces Patch, Whaley Whale, Sissy Sea Gull, Oozie, Ozzie, and Ornery Oyster. This story is simple and is recommended for young children.
Patch Club
Patch the Pirate Goes to Space
Theme: Growing In Christ (1982)
Patch the Pirate Goes to Space is the 2nd recording in the Patch the Pirate story series. Your sailors will learn about sharing, tidiness, and helping others. PeeWee Pirate is introduced on Patch Goes to Space, and sweetly prays to accept Jesus Christ as his Savior. This story is simple and is recommended for young children.
Patch Club
Patch the Pirate Goes West
Theme: Family Unity (1983)
A storm blows the Jolly Roger into a desert inhabited by Indians, prairie dogs, and Captain Patch's comical cousin, Cactus Patch. Join Patch, his cousin Cactus, crew, and friends as they meet Chief Hallewahsah of the Chickadee Tribe. This adventure stresses the importance of working together as a family.
Patch Club
Patch the Pirate Goes to the Jungle
Theme: Missionary Service (1984)
Set sail on a treasure hunt to Afraidika, where Lily the Elephant, Banana Man, and Mr. Missionary await. Captain Patch leads the crew as he follows clues left for him by his father 20 years ago. Missionary service and the significance of a life dedicated to God instead of earthly treasures are strong emphases of this adventure.
Patch Club
Kidnapped On I-Land
Theme: Putting Christ First (1985)
Silas learns the hard way that submission and self-control don't come easily. As Silas leaves the crew and foolishly follows King Me First, he is thrown in prison on I-Land! Patch and the crew rush to save him, with the help of Paul E. Parrot, and help Silas realize the need to put Christ first.
Patch Club
The Great American Time Machine
Theme: Christian Patriotism (1986)
Captain Patch and his crew go on a journey back in time and learn some powerful lessons about love of God and love of country. This adventure gives parents a good way to instill thankfulness for the tremendous blessings bestowed upon America.
Patch Club
The Misterslippi River Race
Theme: Trust In Christ (1987)
Join Patch as he races against Colonel Cottonmouth down the Misterslippi River. Patch gives his testimony about how he became a pirate. A very clear gospel message is given as Little Orphan Arnie trusts Christ as his Savior. Join Widder Magnolia, Big Toe, Ferlin Frog, and others in this all-time favorite Patch adventure.
Patch Club
The Calliope Caper
Theme: Spiritual Fruit (1988)
Join in with the crew in this delightful sequel to The Misterslippi River Race. You'll be reminded of the importance of the fruit of the Spirit in your life: love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, and temperance!
Patch Club
Camp Kookawacka Woods
Theme: The Second Coming (1989)
Hop on the bus! We're headin' for a WACKY WEEK at Camp Kookawacka Woods! Tubby and String Bean are supposed to learn the skills of the Kookawacka Indians before the Council Fire of the Full Moon. The legendary chief has rewards for the faithful - but dangers lurk in the woods and the wayward campers are lost!
Patch Club
The Custards’ Last Stand
Theme: The Christian Home (1990)
Hollywood Homewrecker works hard to destroy the family. What is the weapon he uses called a “magnet box?” Today’s family is in a fight for their very existence. Take refuge with the Custard family in Fort Alamode. Discover what makes a strong family and how to cherish the moments that make your house a home.
Patch Club
The Friend Ship Mutiny
Theme: Choosing Friends (1991)
Captain Fiendly and his scurvy crew trick Peanut and PeeWee into handing over the Jolly Roger. What will happen to Cap'n Patch? Help your sailors learn the value of good friends, faithfulness, and discernment.
Patch Club
Once Upon a Starry Knight
Theme: Servanthood (1992)
King Arthuritis of Lumbago has to determine who will be the next ruler in his kingdom. The message of this adventure teaches that to be a great leader in God’s kingdom, one must first become a servant — just as Christ did!
Patch Club
Down Under
Theme: You Reap What You Sow (1993)
Join Patch, crew, Wombat, Kookaburra, and Billy Boomerang in the Outback as they glean the spiritual (and agricultural) fact that you reap what you sow. See how Squash the Squid convinces Sissy Seagull to fall in love with him. And remember, the boomerang’s gonna come back, gonna come back, gonna come back to you!
Patch Club
Harold The King
Theme: Making Christ King (1993)
Captain Patch and his crew teach Harold some important lessons about humility and about making Christ the King of his heart‚ not just at Christmas, but every day of his life.
Patch Club
The Evolution Revoluion
Theme: God is the Creator (1994)
Patch and the crew visit some key Bible events as they travel through time with Professor Lambourghini and his time-traveling car, the Tin Lizzy. Along the way, they help a young genius learn the truth about how the world began.
Patch Club
Mount Zion Marathon
Theme: Finish the Course (1995)
Captain Patch and his crew encourage young Christian to continue in the race, set aside every weight, and to gain the victor's crown. Diabolos lurks around every turn to distract and slow down the runners. Join Christian as he learns about faithfulness in the race and in the Christian life.
Patch Club
Giant Killer
Theme: Courage (1996)
Join Professor Lambourghini, Captain Patch, and the Jolly Roger crew as they go back in time to revisit the biblical account of David the shepherd boy and the giant Goliath. Learn how to Practice, Practice, Practice and how to be Faithful in Little Things. Giant Killer teaches your children to trust the Lord to defeat their own giants.
Patch Club
Polecat’s Poison
Theme: Christian Heroes (1997)
Patch and crew are sailing up Raise-a-Ruckus-River and headed to a real live camp meetin’ in the Feudin’ Foothills. A stink is raised to disrupt the camp meetin’. Clovis and Rufus realize too late that Polecat Jack isn’t fit to be their hero. Join Vidalia Onion, Rosebud, and others as they learn about having true Christian heroes.
Patch Club
The Sneaky Sheik
Theme: Walking in the Footsteps of Jesus (1998)
The Sneaky Sheik will transport your children to the places where Jesus walked. Together with Captain Patch and his crew they'll visit Capernaum, Galilee, Jericho, and Gethsemane. They'll learn of the preciousness of God's Word and the priceless gift of His Son.
Patch Club
Afraidika Fever
Theme: Serving the Lord (1999)
Mr. Missionary, Lilly the Elephant, and Banana Man all return in this sequel to Patch the Pirate Goes to the Jungle. Join Captain Patch and crew to find a cure for the mysterious disease‚ Afraidika Fever. The life and ministry of Mr. Missionary shows us the joy in serving God wherever He chooses‚ even the mission field!
Patch Club
The Lone Stranger
Theme: Be Strong in the Lord (2000)
Who was that masked man? Come along with Patch and the crew, and find out for yourself as they try to save Clementine's ranch and learn valuable lessons about following the Savior, regardless of what may come their way.
Patch Club
The Tumbleweed Opera
Theme: The Bible Way (2001)
This cactus-packed sequel to The Lone Stranger finds Patch, the Lone Stranger, and Sweet T up against the ornery Wyatt Burp and Wild Bill Hiccup. Will the townsfolk go the easy way, or follow the Bible way? Come along with Patch and the crew and find out!
Patch Club
Theme: A Heart for God (2002)
When Faren Height enlists Captain Patch and the crew to rescue her brother Celsius before his graduation from Ice Cool, Klondike the penguin and Zero the polar bear are there to help. But will that be enough when Captain Patch and his crew face the evil Jack Frost and his fearsome henchman, the Bomb-N-Nibble No-man?
Patch Club
Limerick the Leprechaun
Theme: The Good Shepherd (2003)
Sheamus McGreedy thinks that by pretending to be a leprechaun he can steal Polly Esther, Woolworth, and the other sheep and make Ian O'Conner's farm his pot of gold. When Patch the Pirate arrives, the message of the true Good Shepherd proves to be the undoing of this unlucky "leprechaun."
Patch Club
Shipwrecked on Pleasure Island
Theme: The Pleasures of This World (2004)
Captain Patch and crew make port for repairs and end up on Pleasure Island! Coco, Poco, and Loco are the friendliest hosts, and they have all the lemonade and chocolate you can imagine. As things go missing and the crew is captured they must count on Sissy Seagull's wits, and the power of the Lord to escape in time!
Patch Club
The Kashmir Kid
Theme: Seeking the Lost (2005)
Kubla the kid goat, heir of the Kashmir Kingdom goat farm, has been kidnapped and Joey has gone into the forest alone to find him! Coy dogs lurk in the shadows, and the goat-napping kidnapper has a trap set for Joey. Patch and the crew race to rescue Joey and Kubla and learn the importance of seeking the lost everywhere.
Patch Club
The Villain of Venice
Theme: Sing a New Song (2006)
There’s music, mystery, and mayhem in Venice. The scent of garlic is in the air as gondolas are sinking everywhere! Come along with Captain Patch and his crew as they solve the mystery with Papa and Mama Carrabba and Sherlock! It’s an Italian musical feast for your ears.
Patch Club
The Colonel's Colossal Character Quest
Theme: Building Godly Character (2007)
Captain Patch and the crew face a perilous test of faith and obedience as they become unwitting players in the Colonel's life-size game. Follow Penelope Plum and her Uncle Ratherblather as they search for Penelope's long-lost grandfather. Join Captain Patch to learn leadership, patience, generosity, and endurance on this adventure!
Patch Club
Armadillo Amigos
Theme: Love your Neighbor (2008)
The Armadillo Amigo Ranch is in trouble since someone has been framing the innocent armadillos, and Captain Patch has come to help. Training armadillos to be blessings instead of pests is harder than Rancher Guillermo thought! Join Ernest, Rosita, Paco, and the crew as they learn God's plan for loving our neighbors.
Patch Club
Kung Phooey Kid
Theme: Jesus, My Treasure (2009)
The Captain is joined by Who Flung Chow (the cook from Camp Kookawacka Woods) and the newest crew member - Pistol Pirate. Join Wushu, the Kung Phooey Kid, as he learns to make right choices and learns the difference between earthly and heavenly treasures on a mission to compete in the Kung Phooey Tournament.
Patch Club
The Legend of Stickyfoot
Theme: Bitter to Better (2010)
Ranger Redbud and her son Woody need help to rid Sugar Maple State Park of the legendary Stickyfoot monster who has been scaring and sliming the park visitors! Join Patch and his crew as they head to New England to lend a hand and see Patch help Stickyfoot turn to Christ to resolve the bitterness in his heart.
Patch Club
Theme: Creation (2011)
Someone is trying to prevent Gabe and Cody, the Extreme Team, from winning "The World's Best Theme Park" award for their Creation theme park, IncrediWorld. Join Patch, the crew, and their new friends Mabel and Maddie in this tale of fun and mayhem as they explore the park and find out who's behind all the trouble.
Patch Club
Kingdom Chronicles
Theme: A Christian's Armor (2012)
Prince Timothy, heir to the Sonshine Kingdom, is in danger while his father is away! The evil knight Grimsteel from the Kingdom of Darkness is trying to steal the indestructible sword, Logos. Captain Patch teaches Timothy the importance of putting on the whole Armor of God before Timothy's battle against Grimsteel.
Patch Club
International Spy Academy
Theme: The Importance of the Bible (2013)
The Queen of Furlandia, under the influence of her evil advisor, has confiscated every Bible in the country! Patch agrees to help Alberta Einstein (from Kingdom Chronicles) take Bibles to her uncle Paul; a missionary there. Only God can help them escape the queen's dungeon and deliver Bibles to the Furlandian Christians!
Patch Club
Theme: Godly Wisdom (2014)
Captain Patch and crew have agreed to help Professor Rocky Feller search for King Solomon's throne in Africa! They travel to Mount Kilimanjaro where the Professor's map leads them to the throne. Come along and meet Bootstrap Ben who reminds us that godly wisdom from the book of Proverbs is a treasure far greater than gold.
Patch Club
Ocean Commotion
Theme: Finding Refuge in Christ (2015)
As Captain Patch and crew seek shelter from a terrible storm they discover a village of shaky shacks in the ocean and try to warn the citizens. By learning the story of Noah and the parable of the wise man who built his house on the rock, the crew learns that Christ is our foundation and our refuge to weather the storms of life.
Patch Club
Operation Arctic
Theme: Christ-like Humility (2016)
Princess Pirate reunites with the crew as they help her claim her rightful place on the throne of the Fair Isles. Can the crew fend off the viking horde? Will Princess follow her heart and give in to the distractions around her? Or will she choose humility and become the godly ruler she was meant to be?