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About Majesty Music

Dr. Frank Garlock is the president and founder of Majesty Music, Inc., formerly called Musical Ministries. He and his wife Flora Jean started the company in their home in 1973. The same year the Garlocks began conducting music seminars around the country. The MusiCollege seminars reach over 500 musicians each year.

Ron and Shelly Garlock Hamilton oversee the day-to-day operations of Majesty Music, one of the largest independent publishing companies for church music in the country. Under the leadership of the Garlocks and Hamiltons, Majesty Music has produced scores of recordings and publications for every aspect of church music, including two hymnals: Majesty Hymns and Rejoice Hymns. Vocal music has been translated into over 30 languages and ministers to people all over the world.

Ron and Shelly Hamilton's Adventures of Patch the Pirate minister to children through character-building stories and songs. Hundreds of churches use Patch the Pirate Club curriculum in training their children to follow Christ.